Our vision

Beteor people and organization, for and by enthusiastic people.

At Beteor we believe in the combination of enthusiastic people and successful organizations. We view people and organizations constantly reaching their potential when everyone in the organization feels that they are seen, heard and valued, as people and as professionals. We know what motivates and moves people and we like to move along with them.

Our consultants help Beteor’s clients by developing effective and bespoke processes. We offer space for people to be innovative and creative. Also to take a shared responsibility to find new ways. New ways in order to achieve their set ambitions and goals and to develop sustainably.

To achieve this vision, we go ‘Further than Improvement!’

About Beteor

What we do

Beteor, People and Organization is a consultancy for the Educational, Business and Care sectors. We strongly believe that everyone, from their own potential and intrinsic drive and motivation, can contribute towards a future proof organization as well as towards their own career development.

From our experience and expertise in selection & development, interim management, personal development, assessments, career counseling, organizational psychology and development, and research we help our customers to get an expert grip on the people factor in their organizations so that their professionals, teams, leaders and organizations sustainably develop and grow.

Alongside our consultancy we also organize regular programs, workshops and masterclasses to help with common questions and problems that our clients have. These programs allow us an opportunity to share our expertise and insights with our invited guests.

The Beteor consultants

The Beteor consultants are labor, organizational psychologists and other professionals with lots of practical experience. Due to the diversity of their backgrounds and experience our consultants are able to tackle the specific challenges and questions that you have concerning your specific organization.

"Our power and expertise lies in understanding the intersection between the behaviour of people and the primary task in organizations."

Beteor is a place where the personality and interests of our consultants are combined with the worthy assignments of our clients. We wish to be involved in personal change and make our contribution to society through improvement. We help people to become happier and more fulfilled in their work and therefore also work towards more sustainable organizations through an approach of life-long learning.

BeteoR: since 1991

Behavior and Technology in Organizations

Beteor is originated in the Occupational Psychology Advisory Group at Philips. Henk van der Tas, the only participant left, carried out many international assignments. The central question was: ‘How can you direct manufacturing businesses with as little overhead as possible?’ Working at the intersection of technology, organization, and the behavior of people, we needed a name for our business that could be understood by all. So we choose BEhavior and TEchnology in ORganizations, in short Beteor.

Nowadays, Beteor has a good reputation as a consultancy for the Educational, Industrial and the Care sectors. Beteor can help you make a difference to your organization; it is an organization that makes a sustainable difference to your added value and to society.