Diem Wolff


Happiness on the shop floor

What interests me is how people actively shape their (working) life. As a labor and organizational psychologist I specialize in solution focused and client centered coaching and counseling. Working as a consultant for Beteor I coach individuals and teams, deliver workshops and trainings, conduct psychometric testing and consult with organizations about the deployment and development of their people. On a personal note: I am married and have two adult and independent children. Although neither my wife nor I are the adventurous kind, I do try to maintain a certain mental agility by reading, by being a drummer in an amateur rock band, and, by trying to master the art of playing acoustic fingerstyle blues guitar. As a coach I invite my clients to have a close and sometimes humorous look at themselves, i.e. their experiences, assumptions, values, habits and their general approach to life. Together we attempt to develop a different and fresh perspective on the alternatives and choices that are available to become a more effective problem solver. In general my approach is practical, future-oriented and optimistic. When I conduct a training I often like to use the phrase ‘edutainment’. I often use humor and offer a different sense of perspective to explore topics or deliver content, especially when topics are difficult or sensitive. My training topics are personal effectiveness and communication, influencing, coaching, leadership and teamwork.
Deep down I hope to make people a bit happier…
Together with my clients – individual or in groups – I enter on a journey to discover what it is that intrinsically motivates and what generates the energy to develop and grow. I like to build on what is already there, what clients know that works for them and on their – sometimes unknown or unfulfilled – potential. Client’s own solutions and ideas are central to me, and I like to ‘lead from behind’, supporting their learning with a gentle tap on the shoulder. Basically it all comes down to inviting my clients to try out new ways of thinking and acting, so that they can enrich their experience and benefit from that. I am not the ‘radical coach’, because I strongly believe in going forward with small steps, but in the right direction. Practice makes perfect and greater happiness can be attained by doing the right things. In my trainings I like to ensure that learnings are portable and transferable to the daily (working) life of participants.  

Contact me

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