Jaap Engbers


A Friesian Groninger Drent , is the way that I can best describe my background. Born and bred in the Friesland countryside, I studied history in Groningen and lived there for ten years there before moving in 1988 to live in Beilen in the heart of Drenthe. I am happily married to Sieta and am a proud father of two wonderful grown-up daughters, both in their twenties.

In 2009 I was enticed to transfer to a company with a good disposition, socially driven, with great people and wonderful work: Beteor. Since joining Beteor, I have set up and expanded the department for Recruitment and Selection and Interim Management for the Educational Sector as well as delivering Leadership Development Programs and activities such as the Etappe Engelberg, and also taking care of the good management and leadership of Beteor as a total organization.

“My passion drives me.”

Beteor is ambitious. The knack is to focus on that which there is a demand for and also where our competences and passion can make a difference. Leadership, Organizational Development, Team Development, Recruitment, Selection, Assessment, Research and Career Coaching are our focus areas.

Beteor works in the Educational and in the Business sectors. Many of my colleagues who are working today with multi-national companies and organizations may be commissioned to help a school community in Amsterdam or Friesland tomorrow. That flexibility make us special and strong. Invite them, my colleagues! I’d also like to be a part of your assignment.

Contact me

jaap.engbers@beteor.nl +31 (0) 40 24 64 900 Beilen (Drenthe) LinkedIn