From Plastic Soup to High Tech Sloup

play_arrow12 September 2017 play_arrowBusiness, Education, Healthcare

Tuesday 12 September, 2017 Beteor was a proud sponsor of Searious Business’ screening and presentation of the film ‘A Plastic Ocean’ in the Park Theater, Eindhoven.

We warmly thank our invited guests and for their support and interest in closing the plastic loop and preventing the discharge of waste plastic, which happens at a rate of 20 tons per minute, into the world’s ocean.

Together with Searious Business and Wijk Yacht Creation, Beteor are working to help close the plastic loop. Through combining our passions for the environment, cutting edge design and innovation, and change management we are engaging with the Carbonated Drinks Industry and consumers alike to make a full scale 20 ton boat from recycled PET material. This flagship project, the so-called One Minute Boat, was featured and displayed for the first time. The innovative design and manufacturing method shows that there is real value in plastic waste, that is otherwise, mostly used only once and pollutes our environment.


Left to right: Lucas Post Uiterweer (Wijk Yacht Creation), Andrew Hall (Beteor), Willemijn Peeters (Searious Business and Ocean Ambassador of The Netherlands) and Albert Falck (Lay3rs 3dprinting)