One Minute Boats – the announcement

play_arrow2 June 2017 play_arrowBusiness, Education, Healthcare

In the run up to World Oceans Day (June 8, 2017) Beteor, Searious Business and Wijk Yacht Creation BV, announced a new form of collaboration.

Together we draw attention to the plight of the world’s ocean, and aspire to make a difference by facilitating change in and around the plastics packaging industry. We will do so, by demonstrating the feasibility of producing a sailing boat from recycled PET bottles.

The so-called One Minute Boat has a nominal displacement of 20 tonnes: equivalent to the weight of plastic that is discharged into the world’s oceans every minute! We intend to ‘launch’ this idea with the backing of multi-national companies, initially focusing on PET bottles. 100s of billions of PET bottles are produced and discarded every year. We find that an around-the-world boat race sponsored by multinational companies will enable us all to recycle more PET bottles. Indeed the journey itself will be symbolic of the need to close the plastic tap and to promote a sustainable circular value chain. Through combining our expertise in ReThink & ReDesign plastic, Yacht design and Change Management, we will engage with the world’s beverage producers.

We would like to ask for your help to get the message out. Let’s show that through smart redesign of the way that we do business, it really is possible to ‘go around the world in one minute!