Personal development

Our consultants coach both individuals and groups in assessments and networks.

For example within the theme ‘development in your career’. For when you want or need to do your job better, or when you want to feel more joy in your job. Maybe you want to learn more on how to achieve your goals or how to deal with others. Or maybe you want to learn more on how to cope with stress at work.

“Always a hands-on, tailor-made approach.”

To develop in a new job

To optimize the chance for success, Beteor offers new job holders support under the scheme ‘The first 90 days’. The process  starts with an intake discussion which is followed up by three individual coaching discussions between the Beteor coach and the professional.

Our behavioral laboratory: the Beteor Development Center

The Beteor Development Center is the versatile and fast method to provide employees with insight into the effectiveness of their behavior as well as possibilities for their personal development and indeed also provides the means of taking the first steps in that development process.

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Our expertise lies in the themes selection & development, personal development, assessments, career counseling, organizational development and research. Within these themes we help professionals, teams and organizations grow in a sustainable way.

Why Beteor?

  • A hands-on, tailor-made approach.
  • Coaching for both individuals and groups.
  • Coaching in assessments, Development Centers, leadership programs and networks. 

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