Selection & development

It is essential for organizations to have the right person in the right place. How do you find suitable people and how do you ensure that they can become even better at what they do?

The fit between a person, a job, and an organization is extremely important. This fit enables people to enjoy their work, improve and together they can contribute to the development of their organization. This is why Beteor helps organizations to improve their selection of candidates and the development of their staff.

Science and practice enhance one another

We provide a hands-on and tailor-made approach for any potential need regarding the selection of candidates or the development of employees. Our consultants combine the information which they have obtained about the organization and the job with the results from the assessment. These results come from an interview, simulation exercises, and the results of the scientifically validated ability tests.

By bringing all of this together with their knowledge, experience, and insights from science our consultants develop an advisory report which you and your employee can use as a guide to move forward.


There are a range of assessments available for individuals:

  1. Selection assessment

    Are you considering the right candidate to fill the vacancy?

  2. Development assessment

    What is the potential of your employee? How can this person reach their potential?

Alongside assessments for individuals we design and execute Development Centers for specific target groups. These bring the strengths of assessment, training and coaching together.

This enables your employees to gain insights into their talents, their areas for development, and their potential. They can then immediately use these insights to improve their performance.

Selection instruments

Beteor developed the LeadershipSelector. An e-assessment for leaders.

At your offices, at our offices, online

All the activities we provide can take place online, at your company, or at our office in Eindhoven. All the activities are carried out according to the guidelines of the Dutch Association of Psychologists (Nederlands Insitituut van Psychologen, NIP for short).

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Our expertise lies in the themes selection & development, personal development, assessments, career counseling, organizational development and research. Within these themes we help professionals, teams and organizations grow in a sustainable way.

Why Beteor?

  • Because it's essential for organizations to have the right person in the right place.
  • Science and practice enhance one another.
  • Assessments for individuals and groups.