René van den Heuvel

Actor/ trainer

… One morning, at primary school, a drama teacher appeared. This was a one-off, it was a creative project in the classroom with the tables moved to the side. We were given a few activities and were allowed to act and even to make a racket. At the end of the morning we performed in front of the class. You could hear a pin drop; I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up…

My roots lie in the theater and in education. I worked as a drama teacher and director before I started at Beteor. As trainer, actor and coach, I focus on the developmental needs of individuals and groups.  I work with my colleagues and independently, always in a creative and practical way. Without too much chatter or theory, but rather doing and experiencing.

Empathizing in and acting-out the work situations of others is all in a day’s work for me, but it’s always a challenge and never boring for me. I do what I do to help others gain insight into their own behavior, to adapt and to practice new behaviors. Describe a work situation that’s relevant for you and I will make a realistic role play that you can learn from.  I will occasionally challenge you but will always respect your boundaries.

“I’ll prepare you for success.”

Alongside my work as a trainer and actor at Beteor, I make audiovisual productions and develop creative team activities.  I like to make nice things and hope that clients experience nice things too!

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