Sometimes your work will confront you with difficult challenges or questions. On these occasions, you might need an expert’s outside view or a nudge in the right direction. You might need new knowledge or to learn new behavior. You might need this as an individual or as (a member of) a team.

Coach Diem Wolff of Beteor: “It’s not, I have a problem and you solve it. Rather, together we get to work building from your resources to solutions so that you can get to solutions faster and more effectively”.

“When coaching individuals, we work together towards a solution.”

Our work together with you

In everything that we do, at Beteor we begin with the potential that is present. In our coaching practise we employ this same guiding principle. Coach Diem Wolff is, for example, very interested in when the problem is not present. When do things go well? When does a coachee have real pleasure in their work and how more use can be made of that? The approach is very solution focused and practical. Diem knows that talking about problems is often not so effective. Talking about steps for improvement and progress often works much better!

A lasting difference

Individual coaching by Beteor helps the leader and manager in a nice and effective way. It helps our clients structure their thought and to stay sharp and focused.

“Largely thanks to Diem, I have found a new career direction that really suits me very well.”

Through a professional and personalized approach and a relaxed environment Beteor’s coaches can help you to gain insight into your personal qualities, interests and pitfalls. This form of career coaching can result in fast development in your existing job, or in your career or in a new job. In doing so you’re able to strongly contribute your unique qualities to the development and leadership of your own organization.

What our coaches can provide for you?

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Our expertise lies in the themes selection & development, personal development, assessments, career counseling, organizational development and research. Within these themes we help professionals, teams and organizations grow in a sustainable way.

Why Beteor?

  • A professional and personal approach.
  • We work on a solution together with you.
  • We begin with the potential that is present.