One Minute Boat

play_arrow11 July 2018 play_arrowBusiness

Did you ever hear that the best predictor of our future behavior is actually our current behavior? Certainly, inertia makes it difficult to change behaviors and mindsets on many levels; individually, in our teams and groups, in our organizations and in our society. Yet the imperative is; change we must!

Beteor is proud to work with Searious Business and Wijk Yacht Creation on our flagship change management project. Our aim is to help businesses achieve their sustainability goals and objectives by working with the underlying inertia and resistance to change. Acknowledging the very present yet difficult practicalities is an essential first step. Beteor makes the change process accessible and oversee-able by starting off in the right way and understanding where the currents and undercurrents are.

Come aboard and let’s make real change happen!

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